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Imagine this…….. the soft breeze blows as you sway in a hammock while the scent of the Caribbean ocean and tropical flowers and plants arouse your senses. The turquoise ocean in the distance and off shore reef draws you attention with its array of colors and underwater wonders. The hardest decisions for your day will be what activity will you do next, or will you just relax and soak up the Caribbean atmosphere of Roatan. Come experience this and much more by visiting Roatan this year.

Roatan is an island 30 miles off the north coast of Honduras and has not experienced any disruption due to the political issues that have recently occurred on mainland Honduras. The Roatan tourism industry and local business leaders have asked the USA and Canadian Embassies to revise their recent travel warnings for travel to Honduras, to exclude travel to Roatan. The Canadian government has recently agreed and revised its travel warning, and USA government has yet to do so.

Over the past few months Cruiseships have continuing visiting Roatan and the upcoming months will bring an increase in the number or cruiseship calls, as the Mahogany Bay cruiseship dock opens on schedule in November 2009.

Direct flights to Roatan are available from the USA and beginning November 15, 2009 there will be one-stop flights from the USA cities of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Washington, DC and Orlando to Roatan. While from Canada charter flights with Sunwing are available from Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. You can also visit Roatan with daily and weekly connecting flights from San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba in Honduras and from El Salvador.

Roatan has continued to develop as a major tourism destination the past few years and over the upcoming months this development will continue.

This year vacationers can enjoy rich tropical foliage due to the higher than average rainfall this year. The ocean is warm and inviting and ready to show off its beautiful colors and marine life.

Roatan Hotels and Resorts and Dive shops offer a specialized attention to all their guests and are currently offering great value for money lodging and diving deals. Roatan Restaurants are serving up a mixture of local and international dishes made from a range of local and imported products. Several new restaurants have opened this year which has only added to the great cuisine offerings on Roatan.

Activities on Roatan include a full range of water sport activities including diving, snorkeling, sailing and fishing. While on land you can enjoy four different zip-line canopy tours, seaplane tours of the island, island tours, cultural experiences and hiking and walking options at local nature parks and reserves. Shopping opportunities abound also at the West Bay Mall, West End Village and Cruiseship Docks in Coxen Hole or Mahagony Bay or the new MegaPlaza Mall in French Harbour.

If you need more convincing that this year is the time to visit Roatan. Please check out the below Roatan travel reviews:


"My wife and I spent a week on Roatan in August of this year and had a fabulous time. Great food, wonderful diving, warm and welcoming people. In short, a vacation paradise. While we were concerned about the unrest on the Honduran mainland before we traveled to Roatan we were pleasantly surprised that there was no signs of political strive apparent on the island. Life was as peaceful and relaxed as it always is. We had a great week and can hardly wait to return."

August 2009
Mel Blaney
Executive VP
Studio City LA/NY


“It still amazes me that I had any hesitation about traveling to Roatan (thanks to the US media mess)! In all of my travels throughout the Caribbean, I have never felt as safe as I did during my stay on Roatan. The people there are truly kind, and I did not feel any sense of threat related to the current political situation. I am ashamed of myself for even worrying about these things in the first place. I'm trying to find a way of getting the word out that Roatan is indeed a very beautiful, unspoiled, and SAFE island to vacation.”

August 19, 2009
JoAnn Barton


"I spent the entire month of August in Roatan, had a great time and didn't see anything remotely political and felt very safe at all times. The staff at Roatan Life Vacation Rentals got me a great deal on a nice condo with a plunge pool."

August, 2009
Las Vegas, NV


“…I just returned to the States several days ago and I am longing to return already. I realize for a lot of people, now seems like an inopportune time to travel to Roatan and Honduras due to the political situation but I would like to say that simply is not so.”

August 19, 2009
Alex Freisthler


"We came to Roatan August 6th - 13th as a group of 10 people. We saw no political unrest, nothing dangerous, and nothing out of the ordinary

The waters were just as beautiful, the people just as friendly, and the scuba diving even better than we had imagined. Our trip was one of the best we have ever taken, and everything and everyone that we encountered was friendly, kind, and always willing to help. We enjoyed the tropical beaches, great warm water, and excellent hospitality - and never once felt nervous or afraid. The only thing we worried about while we were there was making sure there was a cold drink in the blender and that we had applied enough sunscreen. Roatan was one of the best vacations I have ever been on, and plan on returning as soon as possible."

August 13, 2009
Sallie Hill


"We stayed in House #4 in Coral vista for 2 weeks last July and August. We found the island to be beautiful, the people were friendly, and the politics of the mainland were no where to be seen or heard. We discovered the true story of the so called unrest when the people followed their constitution and removed the president from office. but none of the political issues floated across the ocean to this small, quaint, quiet, and friendly island. We were looking to possibly buy a home in Roatan and we would never consider this if we were not 100% comfortable with the political climate on the island. We will be returning for future vacations as soon as we can. It was a perfect vacation and we fell in love with the island and the people. We have shared our feelings with all our friends and have actually ran into people who have been to Roatan who saw our tee shirts we brought home with us. They also loved the island and are planning to go back soon

We observed many cruise ship snorkeling excursions from our balcony at our house so we know they were still enjoying the island on a regular basis. Out flight was uneventful which did go through El Salvador. Not one problem.

We wish all of our new friends well in Roatan, and hope their businesses survive this press frenzy and returns to normal soon. Good luck,"

July - August, 2009
Darla Benson and Friends
Bakersfield, CA


"We held our family reunion on Roatan in July. We were very pleased with the accommodations, weather and community. Initially there was some concern about the political situation but since Roatan is an island 35 miles from mainland Honduras we did not change our plans. Our vacation went smoothly and the politics of the mainland had no effect on our vacation.

We are planning to visit Roatan as a family in the future and have no concerns as the Honduran government has continued to maintain a safe and peaceful country.

We wish to thank you and your staff for all you support and service during our stay on Roatan."

July, 2009
The Forbes Family


"We visited Roatan in late July. There were eleven of us - two couples and seven children, the youngest at five (see and use pic). Although concerned about the political events, we monitored several Roatan list serves and determined that the Island was unaffected by any unrest and decided to make the trip. We are glad we did. We stayed in West End and had a great time. We did some great dives out of Coconut Tree dive shop and some good snorkeling down Island at West Bay. We made several trips into Coxen Hole for banking and groceries and made a van ride as far east as Punta Gorda. The kids had a good time at Gumba Limba with the monkeys and the mccaws. Everyone we met was helpful, friendly and welcoming. I would recommend the trip to anyone despite the negative slant given Honduran politics. Any problems generally occur in the capital, on the mainland, and are largely sparked by outside agitators. The good folks on the Island are doing what they do best - welcoming visitors to a paradise and making sure they have a good time. We are already planning our next trip."

July, 2009
Camille Tifft
Copan Condo (Sunset Villas 3A)


“What a fabulous get away my wife and I experienced in Roatan Honduras a few weeks ago (July 7 through the 11th of 09'. We rented the Island Breeze Villa on the beautiful West Bay Iron Shore for our 32nd wedding anniversary. The beauty, privacy, security on the grounds and the good humor of the Honduran people and ex pats as well as vacationers from around the globe made for a very pleasant week. We had been concerned about how the political tension in the country might be playing out both in Honduras and in Roatan especially. Roatan actually felt a world away from the issues on the mainland, everyone carrying on with business as usual. The Carnival ships were coming to port, the U.S. Airlines were coming in and out and we were able to explore the island from all angles by rental vehicle as well as motor scooters.”

July 11, 2009
Sam Stewart


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