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    Posted On: 06-Apr-2002
    From: []
    Subject: [roatan] Nude beaches, phones, DKE, plumbing, parties

    Nude beaches are all sorts of places here--but since they're illegal
    have to ask off list. No one cares about clothes rules unless
    advertise and/or offer a nude beach publicly--say in West End or West Bay.
    Though I've seen an island woman of about 90 years of age strip down and
    change clothes right on the West Bay beach without any qualms--AND tons of
    Europeans at Henry Morgan do the topless gig all the time. Still that's a
    VERY public area in West End open to children--so some folks around WILL
    report you.

    Many poorer island folks bathe outdoors--they probably jes' don't expect
    pale-skinned folks to do so--sunburn and bugs make it a silly sight to
    no doubt.

    I'm with DKE--don't knock a good skinny dip till you've tried one!!!!

    I seriously doubt that there's anyone here who has done the rooms for rent
    gig living on Roatan for longer than a week who has NOT had guests who
    "clothing optional" experiences from time to time. We simply allow them
    privacy on our remote beach and choose not to "notice."

    We're small and beaches are not open to the public in our area--just to
    guests. Our locals know enough not to be peeping toms--IF they want to
    their jobs, eh? As long as you're not looking for an audience in a place
    with tons of folks around it's not a big deal.

    Now if I could just lose about 25 lbs?

    We once had a reservation request from a guy named, "Nude Bubba." He
    our entire place for 2 weeks with his family--and no clothes. After some
    debate we sent him further East--then he got turned down. In
    (or long--it doesn't matter--it's illegal either way) a totally
    vacation experience is just too risky on Roatan. Besides, diving nude for
    two weeks just posed a few too many risks of dis"member"ment--as did the
    fishing Bubba had planned. But the ocassional topless sunbather
    night beach walkin' couple bothers most of us with a private beach not at
    all. Does it any grownup these days? If so, Roatan may NOT be the place

    Phone questions?
    Can't help you unless I know if the place you are staying even has access
    phone signals. Some places on West End and East End can't get enough
    for data transfer for E-mail on cellular phones. We have E-mail here for
    guests, but only the internet cafes offer E-mail to the public due to high

    DKE IS real. I've met him--had him in my house for a party. He's NOT
    cheap--he brought the good rum! But that was only once. Problem is, when
    he's on Roatan (not often enough) he typically has a busload of kids and
    only here a few weeks or so at a time.

    Hole in the Wall once had plumbing to match it's name--but no longer. Now
    the toilet flushes into a real pipe!!!

    Have them here when the mood strikes -- or for our guests. Isn't cheap to
    do--so we tend to do it for repeat customers who ask us to do an island
    "party till you drop"--or for folks who are willing to chip in for the
    several cases of beer needed.
    Hole in the Wall is much more inexpensive.

    Want to dance? Try Fosters on any given Friday might--Bolongos on
    Or just dance anywhere--anytime! No one here cares!!!

    Or come here and offer to pick up the tab for the beer/munchies and I can
    pull off a HUGE party anytime!!!!

    Coffee spills, explodes, and overflows? Use half a pack--will still be
    plenty strong and won't overflow. Try it--it still comes out VERY strong.
    Being a Cajun used to chicory, I can swear that Oro doesn't have chicory
    enough to count, just is good strong and yet mellow coffee. We make an
    excellent cappuccino with it here by just grinding it a bit more with an
    crank-style grinder. Coffee is a BY GAWD to us!

    Waylon and Sandy Sims,
    Coral Beach Inn, First Bight
    Coral Beach Inn's
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    message unless you get a response from us.

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