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Medical Tourism Honduras

Honduras is an emerging medical tourism destination in Central America, and is emerging as an attractive destination for health, wellness, and treatment. When it comes to dental services, Honduras can provide a high quality of dental treatment at a fraction the cost of the USA and at a lower the cost of other neighbouring countries. In fact, dental or medical services can be up to 80% cheaper in Honduras than the USA. More importantly, you can be sure that lower cost doesn’t mean lower quality. Our team at Medical Tourism Honduras consists of travel and medical professionals who are ready to assist you.
Roatan, Honduras

GARM Clinic, Parrot Tree, Roatan

GARM’s full concierge, medical, and hospitality services are available in Parrot Tree Plantation, located in Roatan, Honduras, where patients and their families can be assured they are receiving cutting edge medical treatments leading the Regenerative Medicine movement in a highly advanced laboratory and treatment facility, while their loved ones enjoy the amenities and activities of the resort and island.
Parrot Tree, Roatan