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A stay in Roatan will be memorable and something you will never forget. If you are planning on staying a while or if you would like something private and unique for your stay here, why not rent an apartment. Whether you are looking for something luxury or budget, located on a tropical beach or on a hillside with an ocean view, or maybe something remote and secluded. Whatever your needs are there is something in Roatan for you. Visit the below listed business and apartments to explore your options.


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Featured Roatan Apartments

Pinocchio's, West End, Roatan

Our rooms are the best in the West ...Guaranteed! Pinocchio's rooms are with plenty of space, breathtaking views of the ocean and of the verdant foliage of Roatan. Our rooms have large decks, perfect for relaxing in a hammock in the afternoon or watching the sunset in the evenings. Rooms have recently been renovated and refurnised and have ceiling fans and hot water. Rooms do not have TV, AC or Internet. Prices: Rooms are available for long term and short term rental, please contact us.
Rainbow’s Breeze,
Politilly Bight, Roatan

The Rainbow’s Breeze apartment is fully furnished and includes all utilities. This single apartment offers a private, peaceful environment with great Breeze’s, views and the sound of the ocean. Located toward the East End, near Politilly Bight, on the North Shore of Roatan this is the perfect long or short term place to stay.

Paradise Hotels & Resorts, West Bay Beach, Roatan

Paradise Hotels & Resorts: Sandy white beaches; relaxing on sun-loungers under cooling parasols, served by Cayuco Beach Bar & Restaurant. Inviting, cobalt Caribbean; gentle sea breezes, tropical gardens. Plunge pool; sipping chilled Champagne at The View, Roatan’s only rooftop bar, overlooking the glorious West Bay Beach. Refreshing Mojitos; seafood platters, fine dining. Snorkelling and scuba-diving right from the beach. Doing nothing at all: Your Freedom to Choose at the Hidden Jewel of the Caribbean!
Sandy Bay, Roatan

Looking for a place to call home for a few days, a week, or a month on an unspoiled Caribbean paradise in a two bedroom cottage? We rent our Seadancer cabanas for short and long term, every one with an ocean view on a white, sandy beach. Roatan offers something for everyone. Sailing, sunbathing, diving, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, dancing, fine dining, or just relaxing in a hammock on island time are just some of your options.

Roatan Sales and Rentals - Apartments
West End

We have one or two bedroom apartments in West End, Roatan, both on and off the beach for rent. They are available by the week, month and long term. All rentals include airport transfers when requested and arranged. Apartments are fully equipped and furnished and offer a comfortable and private place to enjoy West End and the wonders of Roatan. Be sure to check us out when looking for a place to stay in Roatan.

West Bay Village
West Bay Beach, Roatan

West Bay Village is an exquisite private compound of 6 enchanting beach villas, right by the turquoise water of the marine park, on one of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches. Each vacation rental and beach villa has its own charm and is different from the others. Set in a tropical garden, you can swim, snorkel and dive off your door step on our West Bay Village beach. Visit us for a memorable vacation.

Hidden Garden Cabins, West End

Our four spacious island style studio cabins are located in a lush garden setting only a few minutes walk from the center of West End. Our garden is planted with banana, plantain, breadfruit and avocado, all of which guests may help themselves to (in season, of course). The trees maintain privacy between the cabins as well as providing a peaceful setting.

Roatan Life Vacation Rentals, Sandy Bay, Roatan

Roatan Life Vacation Rentals is a division of Roatan Life Real Estate, one of the oldest and most respected real estate companies in Roatan. We are a full service vacation rental and property management company with good infrastructure, a large staff and extensive local knowledge. What does that do for you? You have a team of people dedicated to taking the stress away so you can relax and enjoy your time in paradise.

Magda Apartments, Gibson Bight, Roatan

Magda Apartments are located in Gibson Bight, just east from West End. These well maintained, two bedroom, gated apartments are set back off the main road in a quiet, safe neighborhood. All apartments have private entrances and are available by the week, or month for long term rentals.


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