Wendy Griffin



B. A. - History/Social Studies, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA

M. Ed. - International Development Education with Latin American Studies, University of

Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA


Recent Experience

1992 - Present: Journalist on Honduran Culture, Tourism, and the Environment, Honduras This Week, (See www.marrder.com/htw/)
1987 - Present: Volunteer Advisor, Bilingual-Intercultural Education for Honduran Indians
1996 - 1997: Professor of Anthropology, National Teaching University (UPN), La Ceiba
1992 - 1995: English Professor, National Autonomous University of Honduras, Tegucigalpa
1991: Coordinator, Cultural Presentation Bureau, Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center, Pittburgh, PA
1985-1987: English Professor, National Teaching University, Tegucigalpa

Books Co-Authored

"Gods, Heroes and Men in the Pech Mythical Universe" with Honduran anthropologist

Dr. Laazaro Flores. (In Spanish, 1991, Central American University Press)

"The Ogre Who Carried Away a Boy and other stories" (Miskito tales written in Spanish

and Miskito with MISKIWAT, 1995, Editorial Guardabarranca)

"The Historical Evolution of Honduran Folk Dances" with Honduran dance specialist David Flores. (In Spanish, in Press).

Textbook "Ethnology of the Americas" (In Spanish, 1997, self published for use in course.)

Author of over 100 articles on Honduran culture and its ethnic groups.


Conference Papers Given

On the topic of Nahuat speakers as reflected in Pech myths and the archaeology of NE Honduras at the following academic conferences:


On the topic of the modern situation of the Indians in the Pech and Mosquitia areas:


Ms. Griffin frequently gives talks on the history and culture of Honduran Indians to Hondurans training to be tour guides, and to the teachers of Honduras’ Indian and Black groups who need to teach about their own history and culture. She has done the same for US Native Americans in Pittsburgh, PA.

She has done one bilingual TV show on who were the Indians of the Bay Islands, Honduras for CRN-TV, Coxen Hole, Roatan, Bay Islands.

She helped script one segment on Native Americans for the Frank Capelli Show, WTAE-TV, Pittsburgh in conjunction with her work as Cultural Presentations Bureau Coordinator for the Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center, Pittsburgh, PA.

She produced one tape and slide show on Chinese Religion for the History Dept., Western Washington University.